She’s Never Heard of Carl Sciortino!

Listen to this –

I’ve been HubDialing this week and I’m amazed at the huge impact I’ve made in some short shifts. Every few calls, I’ll talk to a  voter in the district who has never heard of Carl Sciortino yet. 

But once I tell her about Carl, she says she’ll vote for him! It’s that simple!
Carl’s record is so good that voters just need to hear it to be convinced. And luckily, the campaign purchased a fancy robo-HubDialer that makes you TEN TIMES as effective. You talk to voters every minute of your shift. And you can even do the shift from your living room!

Plenty of voters already love Carl. But many in distant towns still need you to make the introduction. We have only 13 days! Sign up

-A. Gumby Breton

Medford for Massachusetts

p.s. An aside – check out this petition by Maria Daniels to the mayor, to fund more Arts & Culture in Medford.

p.p.s. More on HubDialer – through the power of numbers, when you sign in, you also make the OTHER volunteers more effective too! Doubling the volunteers makes each volunteer 20% more effective than the already-high HubDialing contact rate. Join in any night!


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